Perhaps this was how Jesus felt in the desert.

Today, I tried a water fast for the people who were losing their faith.

Honestly, it was very difficult because of all days, many people gave me chocolates and titbits, as well as a bottle of ice milo. The kids in my class really tested my patience and I was hungry and felt I was losing my patience more easily. But I remembered the bible said “when you’re fasting, do not pull a long face to show everyone you’re fasting.” So I guess, that helped me persevere.

During lunch time, my colleagues asked me to join them for lunch and I sat with them but didn’t eat and it was really challenging. But I just talked to God and lifted up whatever I was feeling for the aforementioned intention. Whenever I felt like giving into temptation, I texted Tricia and that recalled helped a lot because she reminded me about the whole purpose of me fasting and that set my objective straight too. And whenever I was feeling tempted, I thought “perhaps this may be how Jesus might be feeling in the desert.”

So praise God, I did it!! Not by my own means, but really with Him, I did it!

⁃ Anisia (3 March 2017)


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