He always has a greater plan for us

I’d like to just talk about today’s homily first. We have to trust God, we can’t always depend on him and think that he will come to us. We have to go to him too to strengthen this relationship we have with him, if not, it would be rather one sided and weird right?

We also have to trust God and know that sometimes he wants us to let go for a reason, be it a relationship or perhaps a business, he always has a greater plan for us. Like Abraham, he left his home because God told him to, he never questioned God, so why should we? Even when it seems like God has abandoned us, we must realise that’s just the way we think. It also can be difficult praying every day, yes, there are much more attractive things to do than praying but we have to know that we can’t always wait for God and that we have to make the effort to pray because it always makes everything better.

⁃ Cheyanne (12 march 2017)


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