There is a whole other Kingdom awaiting our arrival

hellu! So it’s my turn to do the reflection. Today’s reading was on Jesus and the Samaritan woman. During the homily, there was one main thing that really struck me. The priest said that we should follow Jesus, leave our earthly possessions and let him quench our spiritual thirst, and if we were to be like the Samaritans and the Jews, to distance ourselves from each other due to our differences, we wouldn’t be able to experience God’s love. He made us all in His image and if we were to marginalise each other, we would be in fact sinning against Him because we are in the time of lent, I related to this reading more than I have in the past whenever I heard it being read. I realised that it has been difficult for me to fast from cursing, pride, and meat, because I have failed to realise that these are merely earthly possessions. There is a whole other kingdom waiting our arrival but we will only live there once we have learnt to leave all that is not of God’s will behind.

So as for myself, and I hope you guys too, this week in going to give up one earthly possession that I feel is a necessity.  I know it’s a little late but better late than never heheh:) I’ll do my very best to leave it up to God and to trust in Him. So much so that by the end of this season, I will learn that what I once thought was a necessity, is now simply a want and that I can give more time to God instead of occupying myself with this earthly possession.

I hope y’all will have a great week ahead and God bless!

⁃ Janette (19 March 2017)


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