it was then that I carried You

Hi ol, I hope you’ve had a fulfilling day so far. Okay it’s my turn to do my reflection!! Today, actually I got quite nervous doing this because I kinda may have realised a few things.

I was prompted to do the reflection for today, last night and honestly I felt really lost. I didn’t know what to reflect about and I had a strong urge I shouldn’t be doing this just because I didn’t know what to reflect on.

I haven’t been back in Church a lot lately, and I find it a struggle to even go for weekly masses. Recently, I kinda realised how many times i’ve attended mass this year and its quite depressing to know that they could be counted; When I thought over doing this reflection, I came to realise  I haven’t opened my Bible in forever, neither have I maintained my daily prayers to Him. I realised how distant I was from the faith and how much I’ve neglected God.

Once, I remember praying for those who have wandered from the church/faith. And I felt like God was somehow calling me back, for the fact that I managed to get myself to Church was a blessing and that this was who I am. I felt so full, and I finally remembered where my roots were and where my faith stands. I came across this I found on my table so today i’d just like to share this: During your times of trial, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried You.

I feel that despite the numerous times we forget who we owe it all to, He stands firm for us and is always there. There have been times whereby I call out to him because I felt like I was forgotten and my prayers went unanswered. During times of struggles, i’d question God and myself, and “Why me?” Sometimes, I’d lift people up to Him to be prayed for and ask God to teach me forgiveness. It spoke to me when I was praying earlier on, ‘And forgive us for our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us;’ Also it is important for us to always be reminded and know that we aren’t ever alone, and to lay down our worries and fears to Him, to give all of our sufferings up to God and to not let our insecurities and troubles define who we are. We should all pray not just when we find a need to, but to keep it close to us as them being conversations with the One who truly understands each one of us. Honestly a big big thank you ACTs haha, for always being presently active in this group, reminding me everyday that He is in me, and all of you

For nowww, i’m gonna start by going for masses every week and by praying everyday, not just only when I need Him. To thank him for each day lived, for the people around me and for all the blessings. This phrase reminds us of God’s unwavering power, protection and unwavering love.

– Kimberly (22 march 2017)


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