God will step in and do what you can’t do

Hellooo guys! Hope y’all had a great day!! ahaha it’s my turn to do the reflection for today 🙂

I often find myself too caught up with material things and neglecting my spiritual growth. I always tell myself and am told that I should learn to centre my life around God and prioritise my faith but, especially recently, I tend to overlook that. For example, there are times where I would contemplate which is more salient to me between going for mass and studying and would end up choosing the latter with the mindset that as of right now studying for a upcoming test/exam is more crucial for my future while I can still attend mass next week even if I skip it today- it won’t make a difference.

But it does make a difference- by choosing other things over God once, you’ll begin to think that it’s okay and do it again another time and another time till it doesn’t even affect you anymore. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve unknowingly distanced myself away from God and for some reason it’s hard to inculcate my faith back into my life as strongly (or stronger) as before. In the recent pray overs I had the honour to receive, I always sought aid in finding direction as to how I can strengthen my faith and stay rooted to God. I was told once that ‘Jesus is already at your door and he’s waiting for you, all that you need to do is to open it’, I also came across a quote of late that said

” When you’ve done everything you can do, that’s when God will step in and do what you can’t do.”

It really struck me then that I’ve been saying that I want to go back to the faith, I want to centre my life around Christ but what have I done to make it so that I do? How can I achieve that if I pray to the lord for direction in strengthening my faith one night and choose sleep over prayer the next? God isn’t a wish-granting factory and strengthening your faith is not something that can be done overnight just because you say that you want to do it. Rather it’s a tedious process which results will only show from the actions you take and commitments you make- such as not only fulfilling the Sunday mass obligations but going the extra mile to attend Weekday masses as well, staying disciplined in not overlooking my prayers but also really indulge in that sacred time spent conversing with God, taking the initiative in reading the bible and learning more about the Catholic faith, etc. Saying it is easy but actually doing it is pretty laborious but I’m going to try my best one step at a time

hehe thanks for reading, sorry it’s so long, have a goodnight !!

– Nicole New (25 March 2017)


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