God is always with me

Hey so today is my turn to do the reflection.
Actually I don’t really know what to say as I honestly have not been following the scripture.
But the thing I wanted to give up for lent was swearing. So that is a problem for me as it comes naturally for me but I try to make an effort like sometimes when I want to say it I say a short prayer and the thing I wanted to say goes away but like I said, sometimes only.
Also it’s been rough for me and my family as we are facing a problems with each other and also financially. And may have to go for a biopsy as I been battling with a bad infection been on 5 rounds of painful antibiotics but not working so they suspect it as cancer and my mum said she will just give up on me if I had to go through that and ya. So I sometimes find myself praying on the bus or at work and it really does calm me down but also I try to pray with family more which is what I also wanted to do for this lent but they say no time, don’t want or later which never happens so always find myself praying by myself for everything to be better as it’s been really hard. I can really feel the stress on me especially.
But i always know that God is always with me throughout and it has really brought my prayer life closer than before.
Thank you and have a great weekend yall!
Teresa (31 March 2017)

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