You have the poor with you always, you will not always have me.

You have the poor with you always, you will not always have me. – Matthew 26:11
Blessed are those who have not seen yet believe. These words came to my mind because we don’t have the privilege of communicating with Jesus in the flesh yet His power via the Holy Spirit is so impressive that we believe and hope to unite with Him when our earthly bodies disintegrate and our spirits live for eternity. I’ve been struggling this past week with my emotions and God has graced me with the knowledge that I need to dig deeper as to why I’ve been feeling as such. I haven’t found out yet but I’m determined to transfer these emotions and offer them up to Jesus because I don’t have the capacity to deal with them solely. I’ve been using this book called the Queen of Angels for my daily meditations in which Mary speaks to me and guides me…and today reads ‘Prayer is the Bread of Life. Jesus is the Bread of Life. All else is deception. All else is death…The path to God is Jesus.’ ‘In God, there is no yesterday or tomorrow. All is the Eternal Now. Through prayer, I awaken to my presence in the eternal now.’
Our faith is actually so simple. What we need to do is pray, then comes peace, and when there’s peace, there we’ll find God. And Jesus wants us to embrace God’s ❤ like a child. And Sofia helps me to understand that because of the way she’s obedient, forgiving and joyful. But Because of original sin and concupiscence, we have to struggle to live the way Jesus wants us to. But I take heart and shall not despair for His burden is light and His yoke is easy.
Have a blessed Holy Week! 🙂
Tricia (10 April 2017)

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